Outdoor Fundraising Events to Heat Up Your Summer

Top 5 Outdoor Fundraising Events for the Summer

While it may seem counterintuitive to host an outdoor fundraiser during the summer, this is actually a great time of year to raise money. Longer days allow you to get the word out and engage more community members.

Host a fun run or take the classic 5K to the next level with a costumed race. Encourage students to earn pledges for each lap they complete.

Fun Runs

Fun runs are a popular choice because they appeal to supporters of all ages and fitness levels. They’re also great for schools and sports teams.

Participants accept monetary pledges from friends and family in order to participate in the event. This helps them raise money and spread awareness for the organization they’re supporting.

Choosing the right peer-to-peer software is crucial for organizing your fun run. Choose software that makes it easy for your fundraisers to set up their own donation pages and share them with their networks before the event.

Outdoor Movies

Providing an outdoor movie night is a fun way to raise money for your club. You can even charge admission for the event and encourage guests to purchase food and drinks.

The best time to hold an outdoor movie night is the weekend, as people are usually free at this time. Also, you should publicize the event to attract more people.

If you are planning an outdoor movie night, make sure to choose a venue with an efficient power supply that can support the screen equipment.

Baby Pool Parties

Children love to play in the water, so a Baby Pool Party can be a great way to raise funds for your organization. For this event, you can hire a space with a tropical garden vibe and a pool, such as this beautiful venue in Miami, FL.

This event can also include a photoshoot with kids and their pets, where you can charge for photos. You can also host a rubber ducky or matchbox car race at the pool, where participants can pay to enter and the winner receives a prize.

Sports Tournaments

Sports tournaments can raise a lot of money for your organization, especially if you have supporters who want to fundraise in addition to competing. For example, your nonprofit might host a fun run, then empower runners to collect pledges from friends and family based on their performance.

Alternatively, host a basketball tournament and ask participants to donate per basket made. This can be held at a local court or, if weather is poor, at your nonprofit's facility.


A concert can be a fun way to raise money for an event. You should try to find musicians whose audience overlaps with the cause you are supporting.

You can also host a virtual battle of the bands on your fundraising page. Recruit nonprofit influencers to encourage their followers to support bands and promote the competition.

Give a twist to your neighborhood block party with a fun fundraising challenge. Ask participants to collect pledges or pay an entry fee to participate in an attempt to break a Guinness world record.

Yard Sales

A garage or yard sale is a great way to clean out your house, make some money, and give old items new life. You can even host a community yard sale that involves multiple families in your neighborhood.

Make sure your items are in good condition before the start of the sale. Pump up tires, install working batteries in anything that needs them, and organize like items together. Also, avoid allowing holds—it creates hassle for the buyer and is a big turnoff for serious garage sale hunters.

Day Camp Retreats

For adults, day camp retreats are a fun way to give back. Guests pay for the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of activities, food, and accommodations at a local campground or other outdoor locale.

Bake sales are a great idea for camp fundraisers because they get families more invested in your campaign and willing to spread the word. Organizing a clothing swap is also a smart idea as it gets donors more comfortable giving away their gently-used clothes.

World Environmental Day

If your nonprofit is interested in environmental stewardship, World Environment Day is the perfect time to hold an outdoor fundraiser. Promote a community clean-up and ask donors to pledge a dollar for each bag of trash collected.

Plant trees to help improve air quality. Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, but they also lower air-conditioning needs.

Count birds during migration season or use Zooniverse to help scientists track wildlife. Get children involved with recycling by hosting a trash art project.

National Outdoor Month

National Great Outdoors Month is a time to celebrate and enjoy the benefits of nature. It can include everything from hiking and camping to fishing and bird watching.

Volunteers can participate in park clean-up days or trail maintenance events. Local parks and nonprofits can organize these activities for all ages.

Reach out to local farmers’ markets to host an outdoor fundraiser as a part of the event. Sell food and beverage concessions with proceeds benefiting the nonprofit organization.

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